the journey of water

Autumn when gold is in season

Revellata Lighthouse – 4K – Typhon H

Braunwald | Switzerland | DJI Mavic | 4k

Back to the mountains, finally!

Trifthütte in 4k

Back to the mountains, finally!
We enjoyed two days at the Trifthütte with Turi and his Team!
Thx for the opportunity to fly up there will come back when the winds are more calm to fly over this beautiful glacier!

Morcote, Switzerland in 4K!

This was my first flight after a 3 month break and it was good to airborne again 🙂
Haven’t touched my QAV400 over this time and yeah it still works 🙂
Morcote is located in the southern part of Switzerland and is such a nice little town. I like going there and take some time off even if it is just for one day.

Philippines – Paradise Island

Finally some holidays and we not just travled to the next country near by no we directly headed to the Philippines!

Trift Bridge

The weather was just perfect for a hike in the Alps. So I took my quad with me and did some flights around this beautiful suspension bridge.

Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe

Top of Europe
QAV400 multirotor equipped with a DYS 3 Axis Gimbal and a GoPro Hero3+.

32Bit AlexMos – QAV400 – Paraiso