Battery connector vOld

Battery connector

Since I can’t sell the whole battery connector for the Typhoon H batteries I’m going to share my knowledge for free and also provide the STL file of the connector so that you can print it on your own 3D printer. You can print it without any support best would be 0.2mm and 30% infill.

I will sell you a 3D printed part if you don’t have a 3D printer just leave me a message.

Here is the STL file. Download


For this connector you need following parts:

  • 2x Dean connectors male version. They need to be flat on both sides, like those here from ebay
  • 3x 5099-D-2.0N-AU-1.3 from the company PTR Messtechnik
  • and some power cables and a balancer plug

The final product should look like this:




Just as a side note:
I’m not responsible for any damage that the battery connector caused. Also please use this connector safely and if you don’t know anything about electronics or how a LiPo’s work, please don’t use this product. Connecting the wrong pins might cause failure of the battery and can lead to serious injury.