Several people asked me if I can show some pictures of my QAV400 with the DYS 3 Axis GoPro Gimbal. Sure here you go:


Currently I use the STorM32 as gimbal controller. It is very easy to handle and equipped with many features (have I mentioned that it is very very cheap!)
Most of you know that all my Gimbals I built for my QAV400 are very easy to remove. There are just two thumb screws and the gimbal is removed. You don’t even have to remove the cables like power, video out, gimbal control etc, since the plug will disconnect itself when you take the gimbal out of the QAV400. Its a 4 by 3 row 2.5mm pin header. The female part is attached to the QAV400 the male part to the DYS 3 Gimbal part.
Here are two videos made with the STorM32 gimabl controller:
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EDIT: Now the plate is made out of carbon fiber see attached images

By the way, here is the profile for the STorM32 Board (FW: v080) and the DYS 3 Axis Gimbal: